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Lemon Pepper Seasoning

Lemon Pepper Seasoning


Lemon Pepper Seasoning created a few years back to Australia. We bought some Australian dried lemon peels and it was so different from our fresh lemon peeling. So citrus and fresh. We mixed it with black peppers, all spices, corianders. It turned out something good, zesty and peppery aroma.  Later on we added salt and sugar to balance its flavours. This is the origin of our own Lemon Pepper Seasoning


Good pairing to seafood and chicken. I personally tried to mix Lemon Pepper Seasoning with  Hot Chili Seasoning portion of 5:5. 

Try it out with some chicken meat!  Sure you will like this spice advanture!

  • Ingredients:

    Peppers, Sze Chuan Peppers, Coriander, Lemon peels, All spice, juniper, Salt & Sugar

  • Cooking Tips:

    Our rule of thumb for seasoning, 50g for 1kg of meat.

    1. Prepare 500g of meat (Chicken, Beef, Lamb or Seafood)
    2. Add 50g of cooking oil and coat it well
    3. Add 25g of the seasoning marinade and mix wel

    (Suitable for pan fry, grill, oven bake or braise)

    • "Braising is a method of preparing food through low and slow cooking with a small amount of liquid. The purpose of the liquid is to moderate the heat." 
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