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"Add A Touch Of Rosemary When Grilling Meats To Block The Carcinogens." 


Rosemary, a member of the mint family and a popular seasoning on its own, also has benefits as a cancer prevention agent. Apply it to hamburgers and it can break up the potentially cancer-causing compounds that can form when the meat is cooked. (source from University of Arkansas, Food Safety Consortium)


Basically, we did not really know about the facts above. I personally like rosemary because it was the first herbs i used to grill lamb steak for my son. He likes the flavour. We have a seasoning of "Rosemary Garlic".  Just as simple as the inspiration that we like the flavour of rosemary. 


However, some of my customers did not like it because of the pungency of rosemary.  Trust your basic instinct! 






  • Ingredients:

    Dried rosemary and cut.

  • Cooking Tips:

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