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Ox Tail Spiced Soup Mix

Ox Tail Spiced Soup Mix


Ox Tail Spiced Soup mixed with variety of spices, cinnamon cassia, coriander, ginger, red oinion, cardamon, garlic, star anise, black peppercorns. A local common OX tail or beef ribs long hours boiling broth. However, the version of this "Ox Tail Spiced Soup Mix" is a quicker version, easy cooking and no headache. Just add on your favourite soft meats and cook for 5 minutes. If really bones or ox tail, it might take longer hours to cook soft the meats. Remember to adjust your water level to taste!

  • Ingredients:

    Mix Spice, Cinnamon, Ginger, clove, red onion, garlic, beef booster, salt & sugar.

  • Cooking Tips:

    Beef Soup/Sup Tulang

    Cooking Tips:

    • 1pkt spice mixture (17g) - 250 ml water
    • 500g beef cube/bone
    • 4 chopped shallot
    • tbsp cooking oil
    • A pintch of parsley leaves salt to taste

    1) Heat the oil in pan, add the chopped shallot into the oil and saute until golden colour. Boil 250 ml water in a pot, pour the parsley, shallot and oil into the water together with spice mixture . Cover the pot until the water boiled.

    2) Add the beff cube/bone into the soup, turn the fire to slow hear and continue boil the soup for about 30 minutres to 1 hour. Add salt to taste before serve.

    3) Basically, you can use other type of meats (chikcen, lamb or seafood)

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