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Tejpat Leaf (Indian Bay leaf)

Tejpat Leaf (Indian Bay leaf)


Indian origin. Essential ingredients for our briyani mix, garam masala and some others spice blends. The diferent of Indian bay leaf and normal bay leaf is the aroma and fragrant.  Tejpat in briyani rice, curries or subzis, tejpat will not overpower the others.

Tejpat is longer leaf than normal bay leaf.  Aromatic in between cinnamon & clove, milder. 


My own favourite is to cook long basmati with "tejpat, cardamons & black peppercorns" with some olive oil & salt. It is so aromatic. Don't worry about how to seperate the spices! I normally put it into "Tea bag". Sure will be the simple way to handle it.


Traditionally, tejpat in curries, Punjabi subzis like Bharwan Baingan and Panneer Makhani. I did " Shahi Pulao" before as considered a vegetarian spiced and wonderful taste.



  • Ingredients:

    Tejpat leaves

  • Cooking Tips:

    Remember to use it sparingly.

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